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Family therapy

focuses on the context in which we live, the relationships we are involved in and how they impact our everyday life.
For most of us that refers to a family: parents, siblings, extended family, spouse, partner, ex-spouse, ex-partner, and / or children. Friends and colleagues can also be important people in our network.
When a person experiences difficulty in life, one or more of these relationships are often impacted.
At times the loss of one of these relationships or difficulty in the relationship is the problem itself.

In a family therapy session the relational aspect of the issue at hand is explored together with the therapist.
Some issues that a family therapist can help you with are:

  • Strengthening communication or changing negative communication patterns in couples´ relationships or in family relationships.
  • Understanding and repairing past hurts in couples´ relationships or in family relationships.
  • Enhancing our strengths as a couple or as a family.
  • Improving intimacy in couples´ relationships.
  • Dealing with the effects of affairs.
  • Deciding the future of the relationship (Discernment Counseling).
  • Coping with grief or loss.
  • Dealing with existential questions.
Family therapy sessions can be with individuals, couples or with several members of a family, depending upon the issue.
All contact and therapy is confidential.

Therapy can be conducted in English or Norwegian.

The couples and family therapist

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My name is April Holten and I own Samtalerommet in Hamar.
I am educated as a teacher, deacon and couples & family therapist with a masters degree in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice. In all three of these educations the relational aspect in learning and changing is key. This has always been what has interested me most.
I am a certified course leader in PREP and «Bufferkurs», two programs developed through research to strengthen relationships. I have continued education in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from the St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota, USA. I am certified by the Doherty Relationship Institute to use their researched-based model of Discernment Therapy. You can hear DRI´s founder, Bill Doherty, Ph.D. explain what Discernment Counseling is here. I am certified as an EFT-therapist (Emotionally Focused Therapy) which you can read more about here: iceeft.com and seft.no. You can also check my credentials on both websites.

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In addition to my education, I have many experiences that have formed me as a person and as a therapist. I have been impacted by the relationships I have experienced in my work as a teacher, deacon and therapist.
I have several cross-cultural experiences having grown up in Canada and the USA, having moved to Norway as an adult and having lived in 3 culturally diverse areas of Norway: Oslo, Finnmark and Hedmark. I am married to a man who works in the Norwegian military and with our two children we’ve experienced life as a military family since 1996.

I have experienced grief - to the extent that I went to therapy, which helped me in the grieving process. I live in relation to my parents, siblings, extended family, spouse, children, friends and colleagues. In all of these relationships I experience joy, but also times of frustration, irritation and challenge.
These experiences have inspired me to learn more about how we can strengthen, change and develop the relationships that influence our daily lives to such a large extent.

Of importance for me in the therapeutic relationship:
I value mutual respect. If you are willing to share your life experiences with me, I want you to know and feel that your perspective is valid and valued. I aim to respect you - regardless of your gender, age, faith, sexual preference, ethnicity, and cultural background.

I also believe that the relationship formed in therapy is of utmost importance in the therapeutic process. You can expect support but also challenge from me.

Finally, I think therapy is best when it has a beginning and an end. The length of the process needed to find new insight and explore issues may vary, but the goal is always to be able to adequately deal with life's many challenges in one's own context without the support of therapy. Those who come to therapy in Samtalerommet decide when the process is over. The therapist’s responsibility is to end the process in a thoughtful manner.


Sessions with individuals - 50 minutes
  • 1000 NOK

Sessions with couples or families - 75 minutes

  • 1500 NOK

Payment is taken at the end of the session by credit card or Vipps.

Sessions must be cancelled 2 working days prior to the appointment.
Cancellations after this time or no-shows will be charged in full.

Call or fill out the contact form for an appointment or to discuss whether family therapy is what you are looking for.

You find contact information and a map to the office here.
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